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Sunday, June 4th, 2023
K.R. Barkman Park, Steinbach
1:00pm - BBQ
2:00pm - The Walk

This year's Walk is also going to be a giant baby shower where we collect baby items for moms in need, like diapers, gifts cards, and more! Let's make this the biggest baby shower ever!

Bring a Baby Item!

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The Speakers

These incredible women will be speaking at this year's Walk for Life!
You will be moved, encouraged, and inspired by what they have to share!


Melanie Reimer

Melanie is the founder of Selah Place, and is passionate about providing safe housing & parenting support for young expectant mothers who are at risk. 


Judith Vasquez

After Judith had her first child, she was diagnosed with rheumatoid and lupus arthritis. Upon becoming pregnant again, she was encouraged to abort, but chose life instead.


Melissa Wiebe

Melissa's first-born son was diagnosed with anencephaly while in the womb. Although encouraged to abort him, Melissa carried him to term.

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