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Mother Holding Baby

From the moment of conception, a unique life has begun, full of potential and possibility. 

While the news of a pregnancy causes tremendous joy for so many women, the reality of a woman with an unwanted pregnancy is fear, confusion, and heartache. 


Whether planned or not, most women feel a sense of attachment and protectiveness over the baby they are carrying. However, with the reality of plans that will be upended, financial implications, impacts on relationships, and potentially being a single parent, the thought of having an unexpected baby can be overwhelming and seem very, very complicated.


As women are navigating this uncertain time, they are often pressured by others to terminate the pregnancy and told it is “no big deal.” For too many women, lack of understanding and support leads to choosing abortion.

Here are some things you can do to help women choose life:


1. Be Available

Relationship is so important. Be someone that listens with the intent of really understanding how the pregnancy is impacting the mother and acknowledges how difficult the situation is. Be present and respond with love. 

2. Care About Both Mother and Baby

Check in with the mother regularly and be responsive to things she may need. The mother needs to know her life matters and that there is someone walking alongside her. Acknowledge the baby as well and allow the mother to talk about her baby if she wants to. Showing genuine interest and care demonstrates that the baby’s life is valuable.  


3. Help the Mother Create a Care Circle


Women who are experiencing an unplanned pregnancy often feel overwhelmed with the uncertainty and major changes in front of them. Creating a network of support can help to address some of the challenges and help the mother envision what might be possible for her and her baby.

4. Share the Truth with Love

Share how life begins at conception and has inherent value. Let her know that she has a wonderful hope and future, even if her baby was unplanned. 

Each one of us has an important role to play in supporting women to choose life.

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