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Life Culture's mission is to promote a consistent culture of life from the beginning of life to its natural end.


Life Culture hopes for Canada to become a country where all human life is sacred, where every unborn child has the opportunity to live, and where patients receive palliative and end of life care until the time of natural death.



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Women from the Catholics Women League, at Christ the King Parish, wondered how they would respond to the Omnibus Law enacted in 1969 that allowed therapeutic abortions to be performed. League for Life was formally registered as a company in 1970 and a registered charity in 1974. Christians of many faith traditions and people of good will united to help save the lives of the pre-born. The movement grew and was run through various affiliate groups across Manitoba. 

Volunteers and staff ran the first League for Life office on Des Meurons. Pat Sonnen, registered nurse, was the first executive director, and was a brilliant and brave leader for all. She debated Dr. Morgentaler, the abortionist who performed five thousand illegal abortions, live on radio. 

League for Life in Manitoba held annual banquets that featured esteemed guests such as Dr. Bernard Nathanson (former abortionist turned pro-life advocate who was instrumental in legalizing abortion in the United States) to affirm the humanity of the pre-born. 

League for Life persevered in the fight for protecting life. League for Life became Life's Vision Manitoba Inc. and continued to advocate for the voiceless. Life's Vision brought the pro-life message to dioceses, spoke with students in and outside of the classroom, and continued to do pro-life work through Life's Vision affiliates across Manitoba. 

Continuing in our vision of a life-affirming Canada, Life's Vision responded to the COVID-19 pandemic and the ever-changing scope of technology and social media, by moving its office to Steinbach, Manitoba. Under the leadership of Susan Penner, we became Life Culture Canada and continue to speak for life. 

Life Culture Canada has become an umbrella for many more life-affirming initiatives. These initiatives highlight that the pro-life movement responds to the needs of beginning of life and end of life protection and advocacy, as well as every moment in between. Focusing on a culture of life and a consistent life ethic, Life Culture Canada is confident that together, we can transform our culture into a culture of life!

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