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Life Culture's mission is to promote a consistent culture of life from the beginning of life to its natural end.


To treat all people with dignity and respect. Living a holistic pro-life ethic means to value the lives of all people, including those with different values, opinions, and lifestyles.

To understand that most people are well-meaning in their support of abortion and MAiD, while also seeking to persuade them that it is a matter of human rights that human life should be protected.

To have conversations with people in which we are calm, knowledgeable, and reasonable as we talk about why we have a pro-life position, while still showing love and respect to those that don't share our perspective.

To support policies that are pro-life in nature, even if not explicitly pro-life. This means working along side people who have different opinions on abortion, but still finding common ground so we can make incremental gains in areas that support women and life.

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