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Medical professionals' rights of conscience should be protected

As Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) in Canada becomes more accessible, health care professionals are facing increasing pressure to participate in it, even if it violates their consciences.

Manitoba is the only province with Conscience Rights Protection for medical professionals under provincial legislation. Medical professionals in other provinces are not so fortunate.

MP Kelly Block, recently tabled private member Bill C-230 to protect the conscience rights of medical professionals under federal legislation. It was defeated on October 5, 2022.

Bill C-230 would have amend the Criminal Code to make it a punishable offense to intimidate or coerce a medical professional to take part in medically assisted suicide, as well as make it an offence to fire or refuse to hire a medical professional if the sole reason is their refusal to take part in medically assisted suicide.


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Medical professionals should be saving lives, not ending them. Our government needs to hear from those who support a culture of life.

Watch this video to hear directly from healthcare professionals.
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