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Our curriculum was designed to help leaders share well researched life affirming information.


The curriculum is made for ease of use and can be taught in any order, or used as a whole.

We would love to be a resource to you and we are available to teach any of the topics to your group.

The PDF versions of the curriculum are linked below, but if you would like a physical copy please email us!

Youth Curriculum

Our curriculum for youth dives into

topics such as abortion, MAiD, supporting life and upholding the value and dignity of a person from conception to natural death. The curriculum is meant to engage, educate and inspire young people to boldy share their convictions and

affirm life around them.

Faith Based

This Curriculum comes from a biblical basis. With a life affirming christian worldview, you'll dive into hard to discuss topics in the church.


This Curriculum comes from a life affirming worldview.With a more general approach, it's available to young people with different backgrounds and values.

Contact Us

Want to have a physical copy of the curriculum, discuss options for your group, or have someone from Life Culture come speak on the topics covered in the curriculum?